Our Services are structured around your needs. We bring in the market experience and do the legwork so you can focus on your bottom line and top line.


Delivery Cost Reduction Services
  •   Outsourcing Roadmap - We help you make  cost effective, timely &  unbiased decisions by giving you all the tools and information you need to ensure you get past the confusion and have a clear roadmap for your offshoring strategy and execution.
  •  Vendor Selection - We provide you a pre-selected list of vendors and service providers which have been through a rigorous evaluation process to help you reduce execution time  if you decide to go the route of outsourcing.
  • Training Services - We develop and conduct training programs and events for your internal staff, global staff on working with vendors, doing business with India & building specialized courses for your offshore partners.
  • Staffing Services - We provide you with experienced quality resources, project managers, transition managers, risk managers to help you manage your globalization program.
  • Service Provider Benchmarking - We do benchmarking and evaluate  service providers during the due diligence process and contracting so you are represented fairly in the contracts with your vendors.

Risk Management Services

  • Offshoring Risk Governance Model - We help you  define your operational risk governance model and help you create an operational risk matrix plan from your contracts and SOWs.
  • Offshoring Vendor Audits - We conduct operational vendor risk audits at a lower cost . It is not cost effective to send teams of people from here to visit far off locations for audits. We use local knowledgeable staff which could be your virtual employees sitting next to the vendors.
  • Market Updates - We keep you informed of market events and happenings which may want you to revisit your risk plan
  • Offshoring Business Continuity Planning - We develop, maintain and participate in Business Continuity planning exercises with the offshore partners.
  • Intra Vendor Transfer/ Vendor Exit Planning - We help in managing risk associated with multi vendor operations and setup transitions if you are switching vendors or exiting a vendor relationship.

Doing Business in India Services


  • Market Identification - Quantifying the market opportunity in India and help see if the opportunity exists for your services or products.
  • Company setup services - Providing legal, financial help in structuring deals and establishing base in India
  • Local alliances & partnerships - Introduce trusted local partnerships to help you setup and get going in India.




Are  YOU ?

  • A corporate leader dealing with the new market pressures to reduce budgets & service cost.
  • Trying to make an objective decision  if offshoring is the right option for you  but are confused about  which route to go- Hybrid, captive, virtual captive, multi vendor, LPO, BPO,KPO,RPO and more!
  •  Already on the path to globalization but want to know   -Will my IT/Operations cost really come down if I use offshoring ?, What can I offshore ? , What are my risks ?,How much would it cost me to offshore and how much would I save ? ,How long will it take me show some savings ?,What if it does not work ?, ... 

  • Have global locations and worry about how to manage vendor operational risks.
  •  Need to create a plan and execute on for operational compliance, offshore operational audits, data security , IT infrastructure security & business continuity plans with your remote partners.


  • Are wondering if the potential of a billion people, a growing robust economy of India is a Myth or Reality and will it be a viable market for your product or services ?

  •  Have decided to enter the Indian markets but need local expertise to setup company structures, hire trusted partners and setup delivery model locally.

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Industries we work with

  • Financial Services
  • Residential & Commertical Mortgage Firms
  • Publishing & Media
  • Retail
  • Emerging Technology Services & Product firms
  • Education & Learning
  • Energy & Utilities



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